FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a Caring Hands Lifeline personal care alarm?

Rental of our alarm system starts at only £14.99 a month, plus VAT, with both lifetime and annual payment also options available. With all of our plans there is an additional set up fee of just £69.00, payable upon ordering. This includes all programming of the equipment, meaning it’s completely ready to use once it’s delivered to your door.

Using the alarm on our annual plan costs around just 64p per day.

We provide our Caring Hands Lifeline personal care alarms by rental, with price plans including equipment hire and the ongoing costs of our round the clock monitoring service.

Who is a Caring Hands Lifeline suitable for?

Simply, a Caring Hands Lifeline is suitable for anyone that feels they or their loved one would like that little bit of extra security whilst at home, and the knowledge that help is only the press of a button away.

This could be due any number of reasons, from disability, long term illness, age, having recently returned home from a hospital or care home stay, or even due to security concerns.

Can I order my Caring Hands Lifeline pendant alarm over the phone?

Of course – if you would rather order your alarm with a member of our team, you can call us on 0800 138 1836, and we will be happy to complete this order with you.

What happens next after I have ordered my Caring Hands Lifeline?

Once you have placed your order with us, we will begin to programme your alarm system. This can take between 3-4 business days to complete, but as soon as it’s ready, we’ll send everything to you via a next day delivery service, ensuring you receive everything as soon as possible.

You simply then plug the base unit into a mains power supply and the property’s main telephone socket, put on your pendant, and can begin testing the system.

Is it easy to set up a Caring Hands Lifeline personal care alarm?

It’s really simple and you will receive easy to follow step by step instructions.  You can then press the red button on the base unit or the alarm pendant and this will automatically connect you to our helpline team to test everything is working properly.  We advise you to test the pendant regularly to ensure it is in good working order.

Does the system require the internet?

The alarm system operates similarly to a landline telephone, so internet availability is not required. The base unit plugs directly into the main telephone socket in the property. If you do have internet, our alarm system can certainly be used in tandem with this.

Can my friends and family be called by the Caring Hands Lifeline team should I need them?

Yes – when activated, the alarm unit will alert our helpline team initially, but you can provide between 2 and 8 contact numbers for friends and relatives should they need to be called. If our response centre ever has to dispatch the emergency services to you, they will always call one of your contacts as well, to ensure they are aware.

Is there a limit on the number of emergency contacts I can programme in?

Our advice is to choose at least two and perhaps as many as six people to contact in cases of emergency but that will depend on your own individual circumstances and who has easiest access to your home.  But our monitoring team can also be your first port of call in a crisis.

How far away can the pendant alarm be from the base unit?

The range is up to 100m, which should be more than enough to cover your home and garden. Our advice is to test the pendant from various places around the home and garden to ensure that all areas are covered.

What if I fall and cannot speak directly into the unit?

The base unit is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone and speaker facility, so can pick up audio from a distance, but if the helpline care team cannot hear you answer their call, they will contact you via telephone. Should this call not be picked up, they will begin to call the contacts you provided, and if no one is available to visit the property they will then contact and send the emergency services.

Is it possible to have a second alarm user in the house?

Yes of course, all you need is another pendant.  All we need to know is the details of the second user via your application form.

Is there a minimum period I must have the alarm for?

If you choose our monthly plan, the minimum term is just the 3 months paid upfront upon ordering. We simply require one month’s notice to cancel your plan at any time after this.  We are confident though that once you have one of our alarms, you will immediately see the benefits and stay with us for good!

What happens when I activate my alarm?

When you activate your pendant alarm, an alert is immediately sent to our helpline care team, who will then attempt to speak to you via the base unit to find out what assistance is required. If you are not able to answer them or you confirm help is needed, they will begin to call your emergency contacts, or the emergency services if required.

Is Tunstall Healthcare the only manufacturer of telecare equipment you use?

Yes, because having visited their Innnovation Centre, we believe that their telecare equipment and related products are the most advanced and reliable in the market today.

What if my telecare equipment breaks?

Call or email Caring Hands Lifeline immediately, and we will rectify this for you. If you require a new alarm, we’ll have a replacement with you in 3-5 working days, enclosing a prepaid mailbag to enable you to return your old alarm to us. Don’t worry though, this is not something we anticipate happening!

What if we want to switch to Caring Hands Lifeline from another provider but we don’t know who they are?

You can activate your alarm and talk to your existing care team to find this out. Alternatively, your bank statements can be useful to look for any regular payments to a telecare services provider.

What is a key safe and how do I know if I need one?

A Caring Hands Lifeline key safe is a fantastic addition to any pendant alarm user’s home. It securely holds a key to the property in a combination locked box, meaning anyone you give the code to, from your pendant alarm contacts to the emergency services, carers, and cleaners, can access your home if required.

There is then no need to worry about how we can help you should you activate your alarm and not be able to answer the door.

Visit our Police Approved Heavy Duty Key Safe and Standard Key Safe pages for further information and to add one to your basket.

What happens if I go out or go on holiday?

If you need to leave the property for part of the day, or an extended period of time such as during a holiday, you can let our helpline care team know, simply by pressing the ‘Home/Away’ button on the base unit. This will alert the team and ensure they know the property is empty.

All you need to do is just press the button again on your return to let the team know the property is now occupied.

What happens if I have a power cut and need my alarm?

Your base unit is equipped with a back-up battery power source, so this means it will work exactly as it should during a mains power cut.

If our helpline care team identify that your mains power has failed, they will contact you to make sure you are aware. If they are not able to reach you, they will call one of your contacts to advise them instead.

Throughout this time,whilst battery power is still available, you will be able to activate your alarm and call for assistance at any time.

What happens if I activate my alarm accidentally?

Should you activate the alarm accidentally or decide that you do not require our help after activation, you can cancel the call using the ‘Cancel’ button on the base unit, or alternatively, simply inform the helpline team when they call that you do not require assistance at this time.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered above, please do not hesitate to call us on: 0800 138 1836.