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Pendant alarms to minimise health risks at home

Caring Hands Lifeline alarm pendants have been developed to ensure you feel safe and in control in your own home.

The alarm pendant system gives elderly or disabled people, or those with long term health conditions, the chance to continue living in their own home without worrying about what happens if they fall or need urgent assistance.

Caring Hands pendant alarms are highly beneficial in helping you maintain your independence at home, without fear or worry about what happens if you need emergency assistance.

Our Lifeline Vi alarms, supplied by leading manufacturer Tunstall Healthcare, are the most technically advanced, flexible, and simple telecare platforms to use. They have a range of up to 100m, so you can rest assured that wherever you are in your home or garden, you are always within reach of help should you need it.

The alarms are light, resilient, and unobtrusive when worn. They can be worn around the neck or on the wrist like a watch, and they’re even water resistant so that they can be taken into the bath and shower, where we understand that the risk of falls is much higher.

The pendants have been manufactured for durability – they can last for up to 7 years without battery replacement

All cables, adapters, and power units are provided, and the system is incredibly easy to set up.  We can have the entire system programmed up and running in your home within 3-5 working days of ordering.

Getting help to you when you need it most
- How the pendant alarm works.


Simply press the red button on your pendant when you need us.


An alarm call is transmitted straight to our rapid response monitoring team.


Speak to one of our professional team via the speaker system to tell us what you need.


We will alert your chosen family member, contact, neighbour or emergency services as appropriate.


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Secure key safes for quicker access.

Caring Hands Lifeline alarm users can also take advantage of our secure key safes to work in tandem with their alarm system. These can be installed on the outside of your property so that nominated contacts or the emergency services can access the home quickly using the enclosed key in case of emergencies.

Key safes are incredibly secure, and we can hold the combination codes for you, so we can inform emergency services of these when they arrive on site, which will enable them to access the key and therefore the property.

The safes are high security metal boxes which can be fitted to any exterior wall, or even inside a garage or outbuilding. They can only be accessed by those who know the combination you have chosen, so are also useful for use by carers and cleaner, as well as family members.

The installation of a key safe at your property could save you vital minutes in an emergency situation – and that can often make all the difference.  It’s also reassuring for family members and friends to know that whatever happens, they can quickly gain access to your house and help you.


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