Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
with linked alarms.

Caring Hands Lifeline pendant alarm users and their families can also ensure extra protection within the home by fitting our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
These hi-tech devices give you an early warning if there is smoke or carbon monoxide in your home by sounding an alarm, as well as sending an alert to the Lifeline call centre team, who will contact you to establish the circumstances of this alert and confirm your safety, as well as whether the emergency services are required.

Alarm linked smoke detectors

If the detector is activated by the presence of smoke, an alarm will go off in your home and a call will be transmitted to the emergency response team at the call centre. We will speak to you directly to find out what is happening and call the fire and rescue services if necessary.


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Alarm linked carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide leaking from gas appliances can be difficult to discover without a detecting system in place, and for this reason it is often imperative for vulnerable people or those who live alone to have one in place.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can look like fatigue, flu, food poisoning, or an infection. This means a Caring Hands Lifeline carbon monoxide detector, directly connected to our central telecare team, can be a genuine life saver.

Caring Hands Lifeline’s carbon monoxide detector accurately picks up on unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, and just like our smoke detector, this triggers an alarm in the home and an alert to our call centre team.


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